Apex Training Center

Apex Training Center is a resource open to everyone, whether you are already breaking rocks or want to get started. Our courses are extensive and provide detailed information and techniques on blasting, using expanding grout & working with rock splitters. The content in our courses is based on years of research and professional experience in the blasting and demolition industry. 

We aim to enhance your knowledge & skills and completing our courses in Royex and Expanding grout also enables you to become a reseller.

Who is this training for?

  • Landscapers
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Blasters
  • Construction Companies
  • Mining Contractors

Why Should you do this training?

  • Enhance your knowledge and know-how to break a rock, reinforced hardened concrete or granite
  • Learn new techniques to break rocks
  • Become a reseller for best Expanding Grout in the market or Royex an alternative for blasting rocks
  • Do what you love to just by learning a bit more to be safe and be more efficient at the job site

Ready to take a course? 

We provide various courses starting from the internal pressure of breaking hardened concrete or rock to mechanical impact. We always get queries from our customers asking about different ways to break a rock because they cannot rely on one, and that's one way these courses will help you make a decision moving forward. It will help you decide which method is best suited for what types of rocks and situations, which will help you save time and money.