General Operation

  • Pre-defined sequentially timed blasting patterns are possible via shock tube or electric initiators
  • The Modular initiation system allows for customized timings and loading patterns
  • Continuous blasting is possible
  • Good fragmentation control
  • Greatly increased operational and handling safety
  • No explosives are present at work site
  • Transportation, storage and general logistical control minimized by the product's 1.4S rating
  • Air shipping allows for faster deliveries and relaxes stock requirements
  • In EU, P2 classified product, no track and trace management required


  • 1.4S timing solution and smoother breaking allows for greatly reduced vibration levels and precision blasting close to infrastructure
  • Low compromise on traditional drilling patterns
  • Timing and simplified design of shock tube connection speeds up preparation of blast
  • Less fly rock - significantly lower risk for damage



  • Continuous mining possibilities. Optional configurations using the timing initiation system allow for multiple decking
  • Extended pit boundaries due to no vibration, no fly rock and less dust during blasting operations - prolonged pit lifetime
  • Reduced fly rock
  • High precision breaking for dimensional quarries, less wire sawing or downstream cutting
  • Reduced safety distances for machinery and personnel
  • No track and trace required
  • Complete 1.4S solution - less demanding storage, transport and product



  • Proven reduced dilution in gold, platinum and diamond mining
  • Continuous mining possibilities
  • Oxygen balanced - no noxious gases, rapid re-entry
  • Slyping and secondary blasting operations can take place during shift
  • Viable alternative for secondary blasting in block caving
  • No crush zone around holes after blasting, thereby reducing fines and dust while improving recovery rates
  • Improves hanging wall conditions thereby improving safety
  • No throw leads to easier and quicker cleaning, less damage to support, no need for blasting barricades in narrow reef mining operations